At Achmea Australia we work with our clients to prevent and manage risks across five categories: buildings, inventory (including crop and livestock); business interruption; vehicles and liability.

And our All-in-One Farm Pack allows you to tailor your cover to your precise needs. We are your dedicated agricultural insurance company committed to reducing your risks and premiums.


Agriquip Machinery Co was established in 1976 as an Agricultural Machinery Dealer. Our head office is located in Bowral, the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, approximately 1 hour south of Sydney with a branch also opened in September 2011 located in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, approximately 30 minutes from the Australian Capital Territory. Agriquip Machinery has been a John Deere dealer for 26 years of its 35 year history, and is proud to be partnered with the quality and reliability of the John Deere brand.


Welcome to Amazing Vitality, the place to find a range of carefully selected products, designed to aid and promote good health and vitality. When you meet the people from Amazing Vitality, you get a sense that here is a group of business professionals who really care about firstly, their Customers, about each other, and most importantly their health, and the health of their Customers.

It’s this caring attitude that is the single most important driving factor behind the very carefully researched, tested and trialled range of products, which promote good health and vitality. The Amazing Vitality team, as a result of their caring resolve, understand the needs of their Customers and how to continue to deliver new and innovative high quality products, which promote good health and longevity.


Avant Equipment has operated since 1995 as a distributor and importer of an extensive range of Construction, Earthmoving and Property Maintenance equipment.

Avant Equipment is the Australian distributor of the Avant Compact Articulated Loaders, Mini Loaders and attachments, and distributor for the Ausa range of machinery which includes Rough Terrain Forklifts, Telescopic Handlers and Site Dumpers.

We are also the distributors for an extensive range of attachments to suit Mini Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders, Excavators and Forklifts. Avant Equipment want to see all present and future customers’ appreciation of their machines increase throughout their ownership period. Any current and potential Avant customers are invited to make use of our FREE NO OBLIGATION on site trial of our machinery, we are also only too happy to participate in 1 on 1 trials against our competitors equivalent machines.



The famous Leather Seal and Sweepa Broom will be demonstrated throughout the weekend


Bendigo Country Clothing is an Australian family business which tries to find products designed to look good and for functional use. Bendigo Country Clothing aim to provide an increasingly better range of clothing and canvas goods which add to people’s enjoyment as they experience being outdoors in God’s Great South Land. We aim to provide great levels of service, personal and product development, in the belief we all are here to help make life better for others.


Best Sheds is located 45minutes South West of Sydney in Narellan NSW.

We are a family owned business and we pride ourselves on price, quality and customer service.

If you’re after a new shed, we’ve got a wide range of fixed sizes and options for you to choose from.

If you can’t find what you’re after on our website feel free to contact our sales team on 1800 15 17 20 or sales@bestsheds.com.au

…How can we be so cheap…

Many people wonder what corners we’ve cut to produce such a cheap shed…
We’re here to set the record straight.

All of our sheds are engineered above and beyond the required standards.

We use .42 BMT on all walls & roofing. Our sheds aren’t made from sub standard materials. We source the best quality materials to ensure a quality product that will last for 10’s of years. The reason for our cheap prices is simple… we order in bulk, hundreds of sheds a time. This gives us the buying power of the big suppliers in the shed industry with the difference being we pass these savings directly onto you.

We don’t have distributors or resellers, and we purchase direct from the manufacturer cutting out all the middlemen then we sell directly to you!


We specialise in promoting and demonstrating high quality, new and compact innovative kitchenware products at Home shows, Food and wine shows, Caravan and camping shows and Field Days throughout Australasia
Our most popular compact kitchen products to date are the Ezysafe Can Opener, and the collapsible containers or flat stacks. We still stock our original product that we started with, the Silicone Fresh Lids (flexifit lids) and the Silicone Ezi Seal Lids. We also stock a range of Knife sharpeners, Peelers, Collapsible kitchenware, Bag sealers, Chopping boards, Produce bags, Reusable cable ties, As Seen on TV products and much more manual compact kitchenware


The inaugural meeting of the N.S.W. Branch of this Australia wide association took place at Cowra on the 11th February 1978. From here, the Association expanded throughout the State, forming 5 regional groups: Northern N.S.W, Central Tablelands & Central West, the Hawkesbury Region, the South Coast and Southern Tablelands and the Monaro – South West Slopes. In 2014 the Central Tablelands region took over management of the Northern region.

The main aims and objectives of the Association are to encourage the owning, breeding and improvement of black and naturally coloured sheep; to produce and promote quality wool suitable for hand spinning, weaving and allied crafts; to provide communication and encourage co-operation between those involved with coloured sheep; and to increase members’ knowledge of sheep husbandry, selection and appraisal of sheep.

BONDS ALL adhesive is a German industrial strength glue for bonding almost anything within seconds.
BONDS ALL adhesive can be used on its own for bonding between materials. You can pour a REBUILD
powder on to the glue. For welding , filling , bridging or blocking areas.


Mick and Ruth will be displaying a range of their Borrehma White Suffolks

kubota-bowral-logo_vectorFor almost 40 years Kubota Tractor Australia has been the leading supplier of agriculture, construction and power equipment.

Our extensive product range is renowned for its high performance, durability and reliability and is specifically engineered to excel in Australia’s tough and diverse conditions.

All Kubota equipment is distributed and serviced through our authorised dealer network with over 140 dealers Australia wide. Drawing upon their many years of experience, our dealers passion for the industry, in-depth knowledge and commitment to the customer is evident from first contact.

Whether you’re looking to grow your business or simply keep your property in top shape, Kubota has the products, experience and support to help you choose the right equipment to suit your needs.


Based is Kelso, NSW, Bronco Ute Trays is an innovative and energetic business.

Launched in August 2014, Bronco Ute Trays offers a premium Ute Tray at great prices. No other Tray has as many quality features as standard. See their range at the Dean Trailers stand

Clipex is an Australian family owned company founded on change. We left our family farm in Goulburn, and started from scratch to make the easiest, fastest and strongest fencing system in the world. We have since designed built, tested and patented the Clipex product and the machinery that makes it.


Established in 1948, DEAN Trailers has grown from a small farm trailer manufacturer to become an icon in Australian manufacturing with a highly regarded reputation for quality, reliability and service in the industry.

DEAN Trailers, in addition to agricultural trailers, design and manufacture a diverse range of trailer products including; plant, road, custom, tag & pig trailers and truck bodies. DEAN Trailers has also manufactured specialised equipment for the Rural Fire Service.


Situated in Sutton in the Southern Tablelands region of NSW, DMB Galloways breeds miniature black belted Galloways or ‘belties’ as they are more commonly referred to.

Miniature Galloways are perfect for small acreages or for first time cattle owners. They are an extremely versatile breed that can adapt to different climates and do well on either marginal or high grade pasture. Being non-selective grazers, they are friendly to the environment and are an aid in pasture management.


Aussie Drum Furniture are authorised distributors of Dr Drum Drum Furniture. We work closely with Simon, (David’s brother), to market his furniture both online and at the various shows we attend throughout the year. We are able to provide our customers with the full range of drum furniture, which is perfect for a range of uses, from the humble patio and entertaining area, right through to Pub Beer Gardens and Cafes. Please check out the products in the Drum Furniture section of our online shop. You will find our online pricing is more competitive than the pricing we are able to offer at Shows, due to reduced overhead costs when selling online.


Over the past decade, Suzanne Edwards and husband Rob have developed a highly efficient trailer manufacturing facility at South Nowra, on the South Coast of NSW. Featuring unique design techniques and fabrication methods, all EGR Trailers have eliminated the key ‘weak spots’ that lead to rapid corrosion and rusting of steel trailers in the salt-laden air of coastal regions.

As a result of years of experience in the transport and heavy machinery industry, their attention turned to tackling the problems of rust and corrosion that is endemic whenever steel equipment encounters the salt-laden atmosphere of coastal areas.


The Ember Defender roof mounted sprinkler system is designed to reduce the impact of ember attack on your home in the event of a bushfire.


At Energus we know that no two houses are the same and that’s why we approach every house with a different solar solution. By using our unique solar calculator and satellite software we can access data specific to your roof to estimate how much solar energy your roof can produce and what that means in savings for you.

With a team of specialist engineers selecting the best performing products we are able to offer all our customers a performance guarantee. Providing you with real time electricity monitoring, so you know exactly how much you’re using and how to capitalise on the solar energy.


As a Canberra tiler, Jorge Pereira would wear earmuffs to deaden the noise of his grinder as he cut tiles to size. He chose not to wear safety glasses “because it was uncomfortable and impracticable to wear both at the same time.” Luckily, Jorge survived his career as a tiler without damaging his eyes or ears. Sadly, however, many tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts are not so lucky.

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Jorge played around with combinations of safety glasses and earmuffs before coming up with the First Generation in Eye Muffs, G1 Serious. Jorge has taken the design further and developed the next best thing in safety, a 4-in-1 system called Eye Muffs G6, comprising of safety goggles, earmuffs, face shield and a half mask respirator.

Jorge and his company’s focus are workers’ safety and comfort, as well as making safety stylish, cool and fashionable. Reptiler is constantly at the forefront of innovation and prides its self on being leaders in the Combined Safety Wear.

Mission Statement: To design and manufacture the best in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the professional and DIY user, and exceed customer requirements at all times.

Headquartered in Canberra, Australia, Reptiler services the Australian and overseas PPE industry. The trademarked Eye Muffs are unique, patented products from Reptiler, which have altered and raised the bar in PPE standards forever. Eye Muffs G1 Serious are fitted with a medium impact resistant lens (but not unbreakable) and basic earmuff protectors. Eye Muffs are 100% pain free to use and give a 100% ear cup seal at all times. They can also be worn with prescription glasses and with any hard hat or brimmed hat.


Filko is a family owned business which has been involved in the caravan, camping and boating industry since 2007. They have expanded their product range over a number of years to cater specifically to the unique requirements of this industry.
The owners, Phil and Frankie gained extensive business experience while travelling the world in their younger years. They created and managed several successful businesses leading up to this current venture.
Phil has always had an entrepreneurial outlook and Frankie has the managerial skills which have allowed Phil’s ideas to materialise. This has proved to be a very workable partnership.
During their extensive travels they observed people facing issues while trying to clean and maintain their vehicles on the road. Phil and Frankie saw an opportunity to help solve these issues.
During their research they realised how specialised the industry was and how little there was to support RV owners in maintaining their vehicles. This idea became Filko Cleaning Products.


Our mission is to restore natural waterways and make them clean enough for children to play.

We develop onsite wastewater treatment technology. We aim to be the no 1 company in this field in the world.

In order to fulfil this mission, we focus on a natural self-cleaning process, making use of the natural power of microorganisms which is excellent for energy conservation.

The largest volume of waste water comes from daily household use and we place the greatest Importance on this and the technology can be expanded to treat industrial organic wastewater as well.



Galloways Australia promotes and records the three separate and distinct Galloway cattle breeds i.e. the original breed, Galloway, one of the oldest and purest cattle breeds and its successor breeds of Belted Galloway a very old breed in its own right and the more recent White Galloway, a Galloway White Park composite. The Galloway is unusual in that a very significant body of independent scientific research supports its claims of excellence in meat quality produced on grass alone, calf weaning percentage and feed efficiency. Add their distinctive great looks, temperament and hardiness and you have a great package for farmers of small and large properties.


They’re a sensational taste and foot long!

No M.S.G. is used and all sausages are 100% gluten free! No chemicals, no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavours or colourings are used. All sausages are made using the finest beef, pork and veal, all naturally wood smoked in natural sausage casings.

No M.S.G. is used and all sausages are 100% gluten free! No chemicals, no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavours or colourings are used. All sausages are made using the finest beef, pork and veal, all naturally wood smoked in natural sausage casings.

Check them out here – https://youtu.be/yDdh1vKhDb0

We sell a wide range of farm machinery to suit all users from the smallest farmlet to the large scale broadacre operation, all types of agricultural machinery are catered for no matter what age of the machine. A large focus is put on service, all makes & models are catered for at Goulburn Farm Machinery, with efficient & courteous service coupled to our spare parts department where nothing is a problem. On farm servicing is part of the business with four field service units constantly on the go offering 24 hour emergency service.

Goulburn Farm Machinery market & service the MASSEY FERGUSON brand consisting of Tractors, Hay & Harvest equipment, all terrain utility vehicles & the ground care range from 38″ cut through to 54″ cut mowers, along with the CLAAS range of Tractors, Hay & Harvest equipment. We specialise in agricultural machinery therefore offering our customers first class service & undivided attention to their needs. Due to the desire for high class technology in modern agriculture we are very proud to have introduced the high tech German built FENDT range of tractors.


The greenPRO range has been specifically designed and manufactured in Australia to revolutionize current farming practices for smaller farms and rural lifestyle properties whilst also improving efficiency across a variety of commercial applications.

Our products can complete a variety of tasks including farming activity, lawn and specialized grass maintenance, landscaping and gardening, paddock or arena upkeep, dust control and land management.


Hardwood Mills Australia is based at Hornsby NSW Australia and have been proudly operating since 2006.

We offer machines and accessories that will cut any Australian hardwood timbers as well as exotic timbers. We stand behind our product range with a three year commercial warranty on all of our engines and twelve months warranty on all other products.

Being a band saw you produce very little saw dust so you are utilizing your timber in the most economical way possible. The kerf of the blade is less than 2 mm and ensures a beautiful smooth finish.


Heritage Water Tanks are built in Australia by Australians and are at the cutting edge of water tank design and manufacture.

With humble beginnings, Heritage Water Tanks was founded by two country boys who saw the need for superior quality water tanks in Australia and knew how to achieve the very best.

“We knew from our own experiences that there was a huge need for a water tank that was built for the harsh Australian environment…” said Murray Tognela Director of Heritage Water Tanks.

With these simple goals in mind they set out to find suitable materials to design a water tank that was built to last and to perform in the harsh Australian environment.


We are very excited to announce that the Hawkesbury Working Kelpie Show will be at the Field day on both the 6th and 7th Feb. This is a must see event – a fascinating insight into these highly intelligent canines that are considered to be the backbone of rural Australia and are one of the most important aspects of farming today and of yesteryear. And, it is free after entry into the event. To find out more, download their brochure – click here.


Hidden Fence brand is the most trusted company for Dog Containment Fences in Australia and is recommended by Animal Behaviour Veterinarians for critical escaping and wandering cases.


GeoExchange heating and cooling will save you money, reduce your energy use and keep the environment cleaner for your family and your community.

We’ve been proudly supplying a diverse range of steel products to the south east of NSW since 2001. We know how to look after our loyal customers and you can experience our commitment to customer service at three locations – Queanbeyan, Moss Vale and Nowra. At ISC we’ve learnt that you’re only ever as good as your customers think you are.


WH Ireland and Sons have been servicing the Southern Highlands district since 1960, catering for all markets including commercial, residential and forestry. Many of our lawn care, ground care and forestry products can be viewed on our website, or come in store for a full demonstration.


Kate has been around horses all of her life and has wide and varied experience in competing and training around the world. She began riding as a very small child in Crookwell, country NSW, and later took her horse (an off the track thoroughbred) to school with her in Armidale. Kate then spent many years riding, training and competing around the world from Hong Kong (dressage), UK (dressage, show jumping and eventing), Singapore and Malaysia (dressage, show jumping and polo), to the USA (dressage and John Lyons Certification Program). She completed her Bachelor of Equine Science in 2013 and is currently working on a research honours project, is a Level 1 British Horse Society Instructor, Pony Club Chief Instructor for many years, Working Equitation Judge and Instructor and has extensive competing and judging experience in Australia, Europe and the USA.


Visit their stand for all your tool needs


Great coffee and snacks.

Landmark has been part of rural Australia for 150 years.

A leading agribusiness company, we offer merchandise, fertiliser, farm services, wool, livestock, finance, insurance and real estate.

Today, we’re Australia’s largest distributor of merchandise and fertiliser, with 2000 employees servicing 100,000 clients in our national network of around 400 locations.


The Fully Mobile Commercial Free Range Chicken Shed!
Built Stronger, Our Sheds Are Increasing Returns, Reducing Labour And Saving Time.

Build a sustainable and profitable true free range egg business using the Leghorn Industries Free Ranger series. With optional independent hydraulic suspension on most models and automated features on all, using a Free Ranger shed will see you making more use of your land, time and money to grow your business.


Small farm workshops for NSW hobby farmers
Lifestyle Farming Courses provides ideal small group training workshops for people with small scale farms, who need to increase their practical skills and knowledge.
Run by certified facilitators on properties in South Coast NSW, the courses involves practical “hands on” learning as far as possible, to enable participants to immediately start growing their skills and self-confidence.



We sell LED 12-24 volt globes, bulbs for caravans, RV & homes camping/fishing lights



The team at Lucas Mill are committed to helping you choose the best portable sawmill to ensure that you achieve great results.

With our close knit team of experienced technical and sales staff, Lucas Mill can promise you exceptional service at every level. Why not take a moment now to acquaint yourself with our team and learn about how the Lucas Mill was developed and has become such a popular piece of machinery around the world.


Macarthur Mowers & Marine is a family business trading in Camden since 1985, and are proud to have had a long history of servicing this district, and surrounding areas. Our business has been built around providing high quality Ride-on Mowers and Power Products Husqvarna is now the global leader in Power Equipment, with a huge range of products for most applications, and we choose to sell their equipment as our main line.



“Magnificup” is a family owned and operated mobile café business offering quality Lavazza Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea/Herbal Tea, Bottled Water and Cookies.

We designed our first mobile chicken coop back in 2003 for use in our own garden. The reaction of our neighbours was so positive that our little garden project became a full time business.

You can read more about our chicken coops by looking through our online store, and if you have any questions feel free to call me on 0430 016044 just about anytime.

In fact our mobile chicken coops take all the work out of raising chickens – no cleaning, no work and no mess. The floorless chicken coop ensures that the poop falls exactly where you want it – onto the grass or garden bed. In fact, other than checking for eggs and providing water and food, there is absolutely no work to do at all.

We take all the stress out of having chickens – you provide your birds with a clean, safe, pest-free habitat and in return you receive wonderful wholesome eggs with a rich dark yellow yolk courtesy of the high level of fresh vegetation in their diet.

And best of all this can happen now, all chicken tractors in our range are held in stock and can be shipped within 24 hours of your order. You can have chickens in your yard this weekend! You can jump straight through to our online store or you can find out freight information beforehand. More information about keeping chickens can be found in our blog.

And finally, if you have been wondering about how to use your mobile chicken coop, as in how often to move it and what to do during a heat wave then head across to see the different ways in which previous customers have used their mobile chicken coops.


The world’s first all-terrain automatic trailer coupler!

The McHitch system has been extensively tested and
proven under the harshest Australian conditions.
Capable of a huge range of movement
(over 90° on every axis).
A super low height of 125mm that clears the rear doors of any 4WD.
Quick Lift WDH Kits Available


Moss Vale Motor Group is the newest member of the Wakeling Automotive family. Since 2006 this multifranchised dealer group has gone from strength to strength under the careful direction of Paul and Scott Wakeling. Paul Wakeling started his career in the automotive industry with Brewer Ford in Nowra in 1966. In the same year he married Margaret, and in the many years since, they have built a business that has become one of the most respected companies in the Australian Automotive industry. Now Scott Wakeling, along with his business partner Paul Burgess continue to grow this family business.


National Poly Industries is a privately owned Australian company manufacturing tanks for over 20 years and polyethylene tanks for over 15 years.

We are a well established company and known as a pioneering poly tank manufacturer dedicated to being the absolute leader in the polyethylene rainwater tank market and associated product groups.

In New South Wales our manufacturing plant is located in Bathurst, an ideal distribution point for reaching the markets to the north, south and west, including the ACT.

The construction process uses a specifically formulated UV stabilised food grade polyethylene powder and customised computer controlled ovens.

National Poly Industries moulds poly products in one virtually indestructible piece which stand the test of time and resist the harshest of climatic conditions.



A  great range of home and outdoor ideas


NSW Farmers is your voice. We are only as strong as you make us.

The greater our numbers; the greater our voice. The broader our knowledge, the broader our influence. The stronger our conviction; the stronger our results. The more united we are the more successful we can be.
As farmers, we continue to face a growing number of challenges from at home and abroad. Challenges that will have a significant impact on our lives, our business and the future of our state and country. These are challenges that affect all of us. Challenges that won’t simply pass us by.
It is the responsibility of each and every farmer in NSW to face these challenges, to make their voice heard; to ensure they are part of NSW Farmers.
And with responsibility comes great reward.


Who is Olivia Graham Cashmere?

The Scottish College of Textiles is the second oldest textile institution in the world, dating back to 1883. It was here that I took my first steps towards the Industry known as Textiles & Clothing. After graduating, I worked in the UK as a Garment Technologist, later turning to Production Management, and experiencing first-hand the movement of manufacturing overseas, in-particular to China.

My role for the last ten years (five of which were spent living in China), has been that of sourcing and supplying Silk & Cashmere products for various labels worldwide, including some of Australia’s leading Designers. Just as in Australia, in China I also found craftsman passionate about their products, knowing where their raw materials were sourced, using the latest manufacturing knowledge and implementing good quality control. It is with these mills and factories that I continue to work with today.

What is our Product?

People traditionally think of Cashmere as being a winter item. We feels it’s time to change this perception.

The properties of the cashmere fibre, it’s crimp (which gives a natural stretch) as well as it’s warmth, incredible softness, and breathability make this fibre, incredibly comfortable in many different climates and temperatures.

For our “trans-seasonal” range, we work with blends such as Silk & Cashmere, knitting super-fine yarns to create garments that are thinner, lighter and cooler to wear, perfectly suited for those warmer days. Yet if one finds one self caught under air-conditioning, then the subtle warmth of the cashmere provides a level of comfort to the wearer.

Our ranges are tailored for “real” women whether they be in the office or travelling. We craft pieces that are comfortable to wear with little details such as ribbed sleeves for fit and comfort, and a longer length body on our singlet so that does not “ride” up every time you move.

Our knitting suppliers have worked with Cashmere for many years, they understand this fibre, and it’s production from the importance of knitting tight tension, to what wash finish to use to give a garment that has a clean hand feel, softness and long lasting wear.


Omya Australia Pty Limited is 100% owned by Omya AG, one of the world’s largest and most experienced producer of ground calcium carbonates (GCC). The company operates three limestone quarries and four mineral processing plants producing within Australia.

Employing over 100 people and with processing plants in Bathurst, Moss Vale, Bajool, and most recently a state of the art plant in Geelong, Omya Australia has developed a reputation for being proactive in environmental matters and setting an outstanding example to others in the mineral processing industry.


Welcome to Out Of The Blue Tackle online catalogue were you will find better prices for fishermen. Out of The Blue Tackle offer innovative fishing equipment throughout Australia by bringing to you the latest in Nano technology fishing rods with a strength that has to be seen to be believed. OBT travel rods come with the convenience of its own wrap and slips effortlessly into the carry case that is small enough for you to carry it onboard an aircraft or stow away in your caravan. Out Of The Blue Tackle have designed and produced the highest quality swimbait lures that have proven results again and again.

We have a product range that is perfectly matched from Rods for all occasions and water types to matching reels and tackle. We can provide all the fishing tackle for professional to recreational fishermen for every type of fish in any type of water.


The versatile Ozpig cooker/heater was designed and developed by a husband and wife who have always loved camping and the spirit of adventure. It remains a family owned, Australian Company based in Queensland, Australia.

No more bending over hot coals or a hot fire, and no more carting a truck-load of timber wherever you go. The simplicity and versatility of the Ozpig makes traveling, camping and cooking an enjoyable experience for everyone. The customized screw-in legs make it possible for your Ozpig to be used in areas where a regular “open fire” is not always permitted (we suggest you always check local guidelines).

The Ozpig, which resembles a small pig on legs, has a specially designed chimney and is used with the door in an open position to provide the enjoyment and ambience of a contained fuel efficient, open fire. In recent years the developers’ passion for cooking kicked in and the unit has been further developed to double as a multi purpose cooking station to further complement the original heating function.

The unique design of the “Pig” has raised intrigue, interest, and eventually orders, as it continues to accompany this Aussie couple on their travels. Since the initial design concept, Ozpig has journeyed through several modifications and now has a range of accessories to help make every camping trip a success.



We offer a range of BlueScope Zincalume® or Colorbond® steel water tanks to suit rural, domestic and fire applications. We can assist you in selecting the right tank for your needs. Call us today on 1800 800 460


pocket-power-australia-300x210Australia’s leading supplier of portable power packs for all USB chargeable devices. We have all been caught out with a flat smart phone at the wrong time…. Our busy lives warrant us to stay connected 24/7. With Pocket Power you can feel safe that you or your kids will be able to make or take that call at all times.

Pocket Power Australia also offers a full range of the latest Lithium Battery Technology in Australia, when it comes to Caravan & Camper Trailer, Motorhome storage power. Nobody in Australia has the most upto date technology like Pocket Power Australia does. We have been the first to specialize in it in Australia, that is why we are the longest serving and most trusted supplier of Lithium Power.



If you are looking for quality power tools at value-for-money prices, you should be looking at the great range available at Power-Pro Industries in Fairy Meadow. We supply a range of Australian-made power tools that include log splitters, chainsaws and highly efficient inverter generators, at the most competitive prices in the area.


Power Hound was established in the market place to provide great priced attachments for Skid Steers, Mini Loader Diggers and Mini Excavators.We supply to the tradesman, farmer, hobby farmer, landscaper, machinery dealers, or anyone who needs tough, reliable and guaranteed attachments.

We supply customers all over Australia with attachments and deliver almost anywhere at trade rates.Yes that’s right we pass on the same low trade freight rates direct to you.


Ravco Generators is an australian business which supplies generators ideal for consumers wanting to power their caravans, motorhomes, buses and 5th wheelers whilst ‘free camping’.

Many people have discovered that smaller generators are no longer coping with the larger needs of the modern caravans and Ravco decided to source generators for larger power usage.



The tastiest Hot Wood Fired Pizza – perfect for lunch… and then make them at home with your very own wood fired Pizza Oven!


Red River is an Australian owned and operated business run by the Lynch family of Tamworth. Current production facilities include Tamworth NSW (Head Office ) and Shepparton Vic. Red River Supplies to all states of Australia. Our experienced cattlemen design, supply and install Top Quality Affordable Stockyards.



Allan Burnett has a leading edge in this field, knowing only too well the consequences of snake bite. Having served 20 years as an Ambulance Paramedic, his objective was then as it still is now – to save lives. Only now it is the lives of both humans AND reptiles. On the premise that “prevention is better than cure”, Allan believes education is the key to instilling this fact. Allan Burnett is the reptile presenter for Reptile Awareness Displays of Australia. He has many years of experience with snakes and is highly motivated in the promotion of snake education and snake bite prevention.


At Rolling Schnitzel we like to keep it simple: Great food, quick. As such every meal is cooked to order. And every item we offer; not a single one got there by chance; each item is the result of serious testing, careful consideration for each ingredient, and passion! Wrapping it all together.

Nothing say’s I’ve enjoyed your food more than familiar faces coming back for more. We seem to be the victim of a growing number of repeat offenders, offenders we’re proud to call ‘fans’ of what we do. Well we certainly love what we do, so keep an eye out for our bright red truck and we hope to make you a fan someday too!


At Royalla Dorpers we, Harry and Sarah Sydrych are running a stud and commercial venture concentrating on breeding Dorpers that thrive in the variable conditions of the Southern Tablelands. Wool shedding, fertility and well muscled sheep are our priority. Our farms are at Royalla, near Queanbeyan and in the high country at Anembo, between Captains Flat and Jerangle.


Rural and Outback Trailers have been manufacturing custom built trailers for nearly 15 years.
Our trailers are built with all quality and ADR components. Each trailer is individually constructed to meet our clients requirements.

We are bike trailer specialists and can design and build your bike trailer for any type of bike.
We build flat top and tippers to take heavy loads or withstand the riggers of farm work or outback conditions. We design and construct special purpose trailers. We do on property trailers or register ready trailers.


Shadola Lifestyle offers fresh and trendy furniture for all Australian seasons. We are partnered to Shadola Sun Screen Systems who have designed and manufactured 100’s of shaded undercover areas throughout Australia for over 21 years.

Now a new division has evolved, Shadola Lifestyle is able to furnish your outdoor areas for personal or business use!

Shadola Lifestyle can provide tasteful, chic settings for all locales. We use top quality timbers and materials to provide comfort, durability and reliability ensuring beautiful and long lasting items.


ShedFast is an Australian business that brings together a group of owners with vast experience in steel fabrication, design & engineering. Based in South East Queensland and delivering Australia wide, ShedFast specialises in Australian made relocatable cover/shade sheds. ShedFast, cover/shade sheds come in a variety of designs to suit most temporary or permanent shed or shelter requirements, in particular where a “drive through” design is desired.

ShedFast has designed and engineer certified a selected range of cover/shade sheds for the Australian urban and rural market, allowing for design flexibility if required. Shedfast cover/shade sheds are backed by a 10 year structural warranty on frames and a Colorbond® – 10 year warranty on roofing sheets for your peace of mind. ShedFast cover/shade sheds are incredibly versatile, with a standard range from 3m – 10m wide and internal roof heights up to 5m high, they can be manufactured to almost any length. Easy to install and manufactured using quality 75x50mm or 100x50mm x 2.0mm RHS, All-Gal Australian Steel, that’s up to 30% thicker than some alternative options. We even hot dip galvanise all welds and ground runners for the ultimate protection on the ground. That’s the strength and durability you can rely on for the long term!

Our ShedFast Kits are easy to transport and enable you to install yourself in as little as 3 – 4 hours, saving you hundreds of dollars on potential installation costs. You can provide a quality shade cover for almost anything, boat, car, truck, caravan, outdoor area or provide an effective animal shelter where it’s needed and if required, you can simply relocate it within a few hours. Permanent or temporary – Fast!


Small Farms is a niche publication designed to service and supply information to the smaller farming community. Our objective is to promote and support new rural industries and opportunities currently available in Australia.

Whilst there is no true definition of a small holding, we define the small farm to include a land area of between five and 1000 acres, and one that is owner-operated.

Small Farms focuses heavily on a wealth of opportunities available for people wishing to enter the agricultural market for the first time, whilst assisting the existing farming population with new ideas for diversification, and growth.

Our group of twelve journalists are constantly sourcing and researching interesting material to keep readers up-to-date and well informed in the small farms market.

To ensure professionalism, our senior management team has in excess of fifty years involvement and experience in the agricultural and publishing industry.


Our Organically Produced Fertiliser
is great for large or small crops,
broad acre farming, native plants, encouraging healthy leaf and root
growth, and it’s great for your garden!


Our company offers a virtually unlimited list of Suppliers of Truck and Agriculture equipment because of our vast franchise agreements. Within our alliance are companies of all sizes. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers a powerful resource and a recipe for success.


Welcome to Sugar and Spice Gourmet Foods. We are a 100% Australian owned company situated in the western Lake Macquarie community of Bonnells Bay.
Our aim is to showcase quality Australian gourmet products to both our existing customers and to potential customers.

Our products are made from all natural ingredients and we do grow approximately 60% of our ingredients using organic growing methods. The majority of our products are gluten free, making them accessible to more people who just love jams, pickles, relishes, chutneys and marmalades on their dishes. We hope you enjoy our product range as much as we do. We are committed to stocking quality Australian made produce and supporting our growers, manufacturers and producers. Australia grows and makes the most wonderful products and most people rarely experience the wonderful products we have available


“Spuddy Buddy” is a mobile jacket baked potato business based in Blayney, N.S.W.
We provide a quick, tasty and healthy meal alternative that offers real value for money.
Our Aussie potatoes are baked in their jackets – and through trial and error, we have now perfected the baking technique to produce a potato that’s crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. One bite and you’re hooked.
All our ingredients are fresh Aussie produce. No preservatives. No additives. Nothing processed. Gluten free options.
The piping hot potatoes are filled with delicious savoury fillings and topped with sour cream, fresh chives and tasty cheese. Savoury filling choices include The Aussie, The Cowboy Mexicana, Spuddy’s Hawaiian and The Buttered Spud.
Our potatoes are a perfect meal on a family day out. Adults and children alike will love them!
Look for the big black van and you’ve found Spuddy Buddy! You can also like us on our Facebook page 🙂
John and Margot look forward to seeing you at the Small Farm Field Day.


Whitlands Engineering is Australia’s leading specialist manufacturer of Firewood Processors and Wood Splitters for all commercial, semi-commercial, hire, farm and domestic applications.


GOT A RUSTED PIPE THAT JUST WON’T BUDGE? Simply grab your super wrench set and the problem is solved. 4 PIECE SUPER WRENCH SET – ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED!The super wrench set has four super wrenches and is a must for every tool box. Its unique head locks on to any nut bolt pipe depending on size and is able to tighten or undo just about anything. Its unique head has a ratchet like effect which in reverse releases and then locks back in a forwards direction. Rusted pipes and connections are not a problem for this set of wrenches. They are all chrome with black handle and the set comes with 4 pieces


As the birthplace of the alpaca industry, the Sydney, Coast and Highlands Region is geographically compact, yet climatically diverse. When Charles Ledger first introduced alpacas into Australia, it was unknown how well alpacas would adapt to these varying conditions. Alpacas have thrived in all areas of this Region, from the highlands to the coast and on the urban fringe, with herds ranging from broad-acre farmers to boutique studs and hobby farmers.



Get ready to step into the workforce with a nationally recognised TAFE course.
Find a course that will get you job-ready sooner by studying online, at your own pace.
Select your area of interest to find the right course for you:
Health, Youth Work, Practice Management, Mental Health & more, People, Child Care, Human Resources,Education Support & more
Agriculture & more



Find out how to save money on your energy bills whilst becoming for sustainable. The Energy Efficiency Experts will demonstrate all you need to know.

The Really Stuffed Olive Co. is an Australian Company based on the sunny Central Coast of New South Wales. We have been providing quality gourmet foods all over the world since 1993 through boutique’s, delicatessens, wineries and food chains. Since we began, we have made it our mission to source only in the best in quality ingredients to create unique blends that we consider to be at the pinnacle of gourmet culinary delight.



With over 41 years experience we specialise in the manufacture and supply of Agriculture Equipment to the Australian Market.

Our product range is specifically designed for the lifestyle farmer with part of our product line-up catering to the serious farmer. We distribute nationally via our growing Agriculture Machinery Dealership Network.


We take pride in our quality, design, engineering and value for money. Most importantly, we value our customers and our service levels, both for customers new to the Trailboss product and those long-standing customers who know our floats and trailers and won’t be satisfied with anything less than a Trailboss horse float or trailer.

We supply a wide range of horse floats and trailers, ranging from economy two horse straight load models to custom-built Australian or USA-imported aluminum gooseneck trailers with living quarters.



Valley IndustriesWe specialise in a comprehensive range of beekeeping supplies including hive frames, stapling and wiring. Completed frames are boxed and can be distributed throughout Australia.
Apiarist supplies for the amateur/hobbyist begin with a basic kit that you can assemble yourself to complete kits assembled, treated and painted ready to add your bees.



Valton Feeding Solutions Pty Ltd is a proud, family-owned and operated business out of South West Victoria. We specialise in feeding, spreading and composting equipment to the Dairy, Beef, Sheep and Cropping industries in Australia and New Zealand.

We offer a large range of high performance new and used agricultural machinery including Penta Mixer Wagons, Polyethylene troughing, methane digesters, generators, fertiliser and compost spreaders, slashers, seeding equipment and portable cool rooms to name a few.


WasteNotIn the broadest terms, Waste-Not Stockfeeders is simply the most efficient way to feed your stock. They’re not just feeders, they’re a feeding system. We know that every farmer wants to save money, make more money and output a quality product. Why not all 3? A Waste-Not Stockfeeding System will save you money, time and labour while increasing profits. All with far better results for your stock. 

The Waste-Not Stockfeeder is self contained and is left in one place, meaning you only need to put the feed in one place.

  • What this means for you:
    No loss of feed into the pasture
    No pasture damage
    Less machinery required
    Less labour as you only ever deposit feed in one place
    No wastage saves hay and money, up to 28% less
    No waste means feed lasts longer so you can feed less often saving labour
    Safer from flood damage


The WEEDWAKKA range of brushcutting attachments completely eliminates the frustration that so many people experience with nylon cord and conventional steel blades.
Farming, contracting or just clearing the back yard, the WEEDWAKKA will save you time and money, and make using your brushcutter a far more enjoyable experience.


Sourced from Charltons Gates in the UK

• Made by craftsmen using quality materials and traditional methods

• Delivery normally within 10 days

• Very competitive pricing

• Subsidised freight to interstate customers


WHM Tractors provides simple, strong and affordable farm tractors and implements. With almost a century of knowledge and experience in quality manufacturing WHM Tractors offers unbeatable value and unequaled service and support.

Come and see us; meet the team, take a test drive and see our commitment to support. We’re open business hours or by appointment in the evening and weekends. Visit us at Stand 3 at the Expo


At Ygrene Energy we pride ourselves in the quality of workmanship we provide, our attention to safety is second to none. Ygrene Energy are constantly applying initiative and using innovative construction techniques to provide an outstanding result, safer. All our employees and contractors are experienced tradespersons and are experts in their fields of expertise.